Stock Photography from the Heartland


Hi! My name is Greg Latza, and I'm a freelance photographer located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. I photograph assignments across the United States for a variety of editorial and corporate clients, but my heart is firmly planted in the Midwest. My wife Jodi and I have three children; Anna, Luke and Jack. We are all music lovers, we enjoy down time at our rural lake cabin, and each of us works to create art in our own unique way. We all love the outdoors.

This selection of 100% digital stock photography (there are no film scans in this catalog) can't be found anywhere else--I don't collaborate with any stock photo agencies, so you can be assured that my very best work is found here and isn't spread among several different outlets.

If you see something that's close to what you need--but isn't quite there--be sure to let me know; I may have a more appropriate photo in my files.  

If you'd like to assign me to capture what you need, I'm game. Assignment work is my main gig (follow the "main site" link above to view assignment work). I'm also able to capture video for your project, and I'm FAA 107 certified to capture drone stills and video footage. 

Have fun poking around! Come back anytime. 

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