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Once you have selected images (whether using a lightbox or by referring to their file names), call or email me to discuss the intended use and to arrange transmission of non-watermarked high res files. I do not facilitate automatic downloads from this site. This is because I prefer a more personal transaction, and I am also protective of where my imagery appears. I will not license imagery for blatantly negative uses; my intent is to honor the people in my photographs in return for their generosity. In most cases I can upload your images immediately, or by the end of the day if I'm on assignment.

Fees are estimated via Fotoquote, a leading stock photo price calculator. All of my images are intended for non-exclusive use, but in rare cases I can arrange for embargoes or permanent exclusivity. Payment via credit card is among the options available for reimbursement.  


The more than 5,200 original photographs contained on this website were created by Greg Latza, all rights reserved. All photographs have been registered with the Copyright Office of the Library of Congress of the United States, and are embedded with a visible "©Greg Latza" as well as invisible watermarks. The photographs are further protected by a third party company who detects and monitors any and all versions of these photographs that appear on the internet. In other words, if you screenshot an image and use it as your own or without compensation, I'll know about it and I will pursue legal action. The willful act of removing, cropping or retouching the visible and invisible watermarks on these photographs is a violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and is expressly prohibited. 

Further terms upon purchase of a license may be required by Greg Latza before usage of any image is granted.

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